Flyer with information on the TGIF Committee Applications, also provided in plain text nearby.

Apply to the TGIF Committee!

The Green Initiative Fund is hiring for the ’21-’22 school year!  We are looking for two interested and capable students to fill our Environmental Justice and Undergraduate At-large Committee positions.

Duties and Committment
Members of the TGIF Committee will:
  • Attend monthly committee meetings (You must have some available time to meet during the 9am-5pm/M-F time frame). The time commitment is usually less than 5 hours a month during the non-grant months and 5-10 hours during the grant period months (October, January, February, and April)
  • Select which projects receive funding during grant review.
  • Vote on issues which require committee approval, such as project adjustments.
  • Provide feedback to and help support all grantees.

In addition, the Environmental Justice At-Large Representative will determine which projects are considered as part of our Environmental Justice program, with assistance from the TGIF team as needed. This duty will add 2-5 hours to the months when grants are received (October and April).

Environmental Justice At-large Representative
This Position is open to all Undergraduate and Graduate students, regardless of field of study. We are looking for candidates with a passion for and experience with the areas of sustainability and environmental justice.
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Undergraduate At-Large Application
This position is open to all Undergraduate students, regardless of major. We are looking for applicants with a demonstrated passion for and experience with sustainability initiatives on campus.
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