2008 Grant Awards

Anthony Hall Window Replacement and LEED-EB Certification (Discontinued)

Project Description: Improve energy efficiency of Anthony Hall while also beginning to get it LEED-EB certified.

TGIF Award: $10,000

Building Sustainability at Cal

Project Description: Trains students to reduce environmental footprint in service learning classes and internships.

TGIF Award: $25,000

Earth Week 2009-2013

Project Description: Fund Earth Week (a week-long gathering of environmentally conscious individuals and organizations) for 5 years.

TGIF Award: $10,000.00 ($2,000/yr, 5 yrs)

Healthy You for a Healthy Universe

Project Description: Promote tap water with public information campaign and distribute free bottles.

TGIF Award: $5,000

Lower Sproul Plaza Redevelopment Eco-Charrette

Project Description: Incorporate an Eco-charrette into the Lower Sproul Plaza Master Plan & Feasibility Study.

TGIF Award: $4,000

Strawberry Creek Native Plant Nursery and Garden

Project Description: Create a native plant nursery and garden between Giannini Hall and Wellman Court.

TGIF Award: $12,865

Student Internships for Jump-Starting the Office of Sustainability

Project Description: Create an office that will champion and implement various sustainability activities on campus.

TGIF Award: $15,000

UC Berkeley Campus Dashboard

Project Description: Will develop a centralized database and website that aggregates resource consumption data for UCB campus.

TGIF Award: $76,750

University Hall: Going Green!

Project Description: Make University Hall LEED certified.

TGIF Award: $10,000