Green Fund Resources

Green Fund Resources

Below you can find a variety of different resources on green funds across the US. For more detailed information about starting your own green fund, please visit our ‘Start Your Own Green Fund’ page.

AASHE (Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education) has resources available for public access:

Many other UCs have green fund programs as well. Check them out:

Below are some helpful resources regarding environmental justice:

  • Definition of environmental justice: The fair treatment and meaningful involvement of people of all races and incomes with respect to the development of, implementation, and enforcement of environmental initiatives, so that no group of people shoulders a disproportionate share of negative environmental impacts and that all people have access to environmental benefits/resources. (Definition adapted from the EPA’s Environmental Justice Small Grants Program, more found here). In the context of TGIF, increasing access to the environmental resources of the program falls into the category of environmental justice.
  • TGIF’s Environmental Justice Purpose:
    TGIF is actively working to increase diversity, equity and inclusion in environmental grant projects and funding on campus, which falls in line with a strategic organizational goal and the draft strategic plan of the Student Environmental Resource Center (SERC). By hosting a pilot environmental justice grant cycle in spring 2018, TGIF took the first step in supporting underrepresented communities to strengthen environmental equity at UC Berkeley.
  • Resources:The Environmental Justice Associate for the Student Environmental Resource Center (SERC) at UC Berkeley compiled resources related to environmental justice and environmental intersectionality. You may find them at the following link: From the Environmental Justice survey SERC distributed in October 2017, over half of the responses requested more learning materials and resources, hence the beginning of this resource collection. The Environmental Justice Resource Collection is a living, growing group of readings, toolkits, books, videos, and activities concerning the intersection of the environment and social justice. The purpose of this collection of resources is to fill some of the gaps we have in mainstream environmentalism and to provide some of the tools to facilitate these conversations in environmental spaces.If you have any suggestions or know of resources that should be added here, feel free to email the Environmental Justice Associate within SERC, or SERC’s email at with the subject topic [EJ Resource Submission].
  • TGIF is excited to announce that after hosting a pilot Environmental Justice Thematic Grant Cycle for its spring 2018 semester, TGIF has added a new project theme category: environmental justice! Sample Environmental Justice Supplemental Prompts:
    • In what ways would funding your project help underrepresented and/or marginalized communities on campus? How do you intend to collaborate with and empower the voices of affected communities?
    • Please describe how your project will address the intersection of environmental and social sustainability.