Mini Grant 2019

Climate Literacy Teacher Workshops and Professional Development

Acknowledging UC Berkeley’s place in the East Bay community, this project seeks to ensure that those students’ teachers have the pedagogical tools for such an educational undertaking, primarily by facilitating, through UC Berkeley graduate student climate content experts, two professional development climate literacy workshops, teacher-to-teacher mentoring, and an end of year symposium in Spring 2020.

TGIF Award: $5,000.00

Food for Thought Textbook Library

Food for Thought is a program that provides seminars for students that help develop life and reflection skills while providing access to resources (such as food and laptops). The Food for Thought Library will allow students in need to have increased textbook access beyond the course reserve system while lowering their environmental impact of textbook use. 

TGIF Award: $5,000.00

Students for Climate Action

This project plans to reinvigorate the environmental movement here in the Bay Area with the global platform of UC Berkeley, provide climate anxiety relief through social art projects, and then direct the fiery passion of our strikes into ongoing environmental projects.

TGIF Award: $1,000.00

Perennial: The Undergraduate Environmental Journal of Berkeley

Founded in Fall 2019, Perennial: The Undergraduate Environmental Journal of
Berkeley serves as an open and accessible platform to showcase the diverse work of
Cal’s environmental community.

TGIF Award: $450.00

SERC Membership Fund

The SERC membership program is an entry point for students to gain firsthand experience in on campus sustainability projects, programs, and events.

TGIF Award: $1,800.00

Community Development Events, ASUC Office of Sylvia Targ

The Community Development department of ASUC Senator Sylvia Targ’s Office works on creating spaces that foster inter eco-community connections as well as broader outreach for the overall campus. This project focuses on two events: a Sustainable Living Expo and an Eco Community Summit.

TGIF Award: $831.00

Bee Campus USA

The Bee Campus USA initiative plans to do work on the local level to protect key pollinators such as bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.

TGIF Award: $2,800.00

Integrated Plastics Recycling & Research Facility

The Zero Waste Research Center (ZWRC) at UC Berkeley has been working to create the first Plastics Recycling Research Facility at UC Berkeley over the past four years. This research facility, located at the Richmond Field Station, will process the University's plastic and recycling waste through proper collection, sorting, and redistribution. This project will allow for UC Berkeley to expand recycling and reuse programs, reduce its carbon footprint, and create research and education opportunities for students and the community of Richmond.

TGIF Award: $5,000.00

UCB Panel Series on Sustainability in the Built Environment

The Energy Office’s Panel Series on Sustainability in the Built Environment will be an educational, meaningful, and fun series of panels on topics such as Energy Efficiency, Sustainable Building Design, Sustainable Building Operations, Sustainably Cooling in a Warming World, or other high-demand topics.

TGIF Award: $600.00