Mini Grant 2012

Break the Mode, Phase II

Project Description: Funding is requested to hire three student interns to assist with Break the Mode outreach and education events and plans during spring 2013, a continuance of the fall 2012 Break the Mode project.

TGIF Award: $1,800

Campus Bike Plan Update

Project Description: Funding requested to two student interns to provide an implementation update of the 2005 Campus Bicycle Plan (CBP). The student interns will review the 2005 CBP, then update the implementation and achievement of its goals, and describe the status of bicycle commuting and circulation on campus, including a consensus-based goal setting exercise.

TGIF Award: $2,000

Campus Sustainability Photos and Video for UC Berkeley's Public Affairs Digital Gallery

Project Description: The primary objective of this project is to create and make available photographs and video clips of campus sustainability initiatives, actions, and features that can be publicly accessed through UC Berkeley's Digital Gallery, launched by the Office of Public Affairs.

TGIF Award: $1,000

Composting at Blake Garden

Project Description: Grant funding is requested to purchase materials for building compost bins at Blake Garden to mix compost on-site (reduction in transport emissions and increase in reuse of green waste) and prevent worker injuries.

TGIF Award: $760

Fight the Flow, Phase II: Residence Halls and University Village

Project Description:Grant funding is requested to supply low flow, UZLow showerheads to residence halls as well as to family housing in University Village. Of the 974 families living in University Village, 50 will be participating in a pilot project in introducing these showerheads.This will be a continuation of the TGIF Fight the Flow project from 2011, and this new grant will cover showerhead and marketing costs for both Unit 2 and University Village.

TGIF Award: $2,000

Greening the Berkeley Science Review Phase II

Project Description: Grant funding is requested to cover the additional cost of printing the spring 2013 issue of the magazine on recycled paper and to hire a spring student intern to assist with web-development of publishing online content.

TGIF Award: $2,000

Multi-Family Housing Sustainability Retrofit Documentation

Project Description: Grant funding will be used to hire a student to produce supplementary video and still photography documentation of the City of Berkeley Climate Coalition Multi-Family Working Group's (MFWG) pilot multi-family housing energy retrofit program.

TGIF Award: $850

Reusable Sharps Container Pilot Project (Discontinued)

Project Description: Funding is requested for containers and a student intern to transition campus labs from the use of disposable sharps containers to reusable sharps containers.

TGIF Award: $1,925

Strawberry Creek Water Quality Probe

Project Description: This grant will be supplemented by funding from EH&S and allow the Strawberry Creek Restoration Team to purchase a water quality probe that will assist with sediment and erosion research along Strawberry Creek.

TGIF Award: $1,190

Sustainable Laundry at University Village

Project Description: Grant funding is requested to purchase 50 drying racks to implement a sustainable laundry campaign with the Green Family Network pilot program. Grant funding will also pay for educational materials and a student intern.

TGIF Award:$1,851.50

Trash to Treasure: A DIY Book Aimed at Reducing Home Waste

Project Description: Grant funding is requested to collaborate with ReUSE in the creation of a DIY Book aimed at reducing waste. The book would provide creative ideas for reusing materials and be publicized to students. 

TGIF Award: $880