2020 Grant Awards

BerkeleyMoves! Carsharing Pilot

Project Description: The UC Berkeley Parking & Transportation Berkeley Moves! Alternative Transportation Unit provides active and alternative transportation solutions to the entire Cal community. P&T will be testing the use and need for carsharing to the students, primarily those who are in need, through the use of subsidizing memberships and/or driving credits. 

TGIF Award: $15,000

Earth Action Initiative

Project Description: The Earth Action Initiative will organize a variety of events and actions that build community, leverage existing efforts, inspire new plans, and find innovative ways to execute these actions through effective communication.

TGIF Award: $16,000

Mapping for Environmental Justice

Project Description: Mapping for Environmental Justice (MEJ) is an initiative to create interactive and publicly-accessible maps displaying environmental justice data for individual states. With guidance from the residents of impacted communities, MEJ combines environment, public health, and demographic data into an indicator of vulnerability for communities in every state.

TGIF Award: $63,000

Biofuels Technology R&D and Procurement

Project Description: Started in 2015, Biofuels Technology Club (BTC) is a student-run organization whose mission is to engineer a pilot processing plant that will repurpose waste cooking oil produced by Cal Dining facilities into biodiesel for use as a cleaner alternative fuel for campus vehicles.

TGIF Award: $7,055.53

Cal Enviro Water Treatment

Project Description: Cal Environmental Team (Cal Enviro) is a Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) competition team and DeCal. Our mission is to impart the fundamentals of wastewater treatment and sustainable engineering design, provide hands-on laboratory and construction experience, and opportunities for students to improve their public speaking and technical writing skills.

TGIF Award: $19,010

Cal Sustainable Solutions Competition Team

Project Description: The team develops leaders with primary focus in the Architecture Engineering Construction (AEC) industry to serve the public good. Cal Sustainable Solutions fosters sustainable projects and knowledge individuals on renewable energy intertwined in the built environment.  

TGIF Award: $7,168.22

Capturing Energy Savings from VAV Box Minimums

Project Description: This project will move the campus towards carbon neutrality by reducing campus energy waste and the associated emissions, by reducing minimum airflows without changing the amount of ventilation (fresh) air entering the building.

TGIF Award: $49,937

Climate Fix Radio and Podcast

Project Description: Climate Fix is a 90 second “bite-sized” audio clip produced by a partnership between the UC Berkeley Schools of Law and Journalism, featuring timely climate interviews with compelling scientists, innovators, organizers, and leaders offering climate solutions and other examples of progress on climate change.

TGIF Award: $32,911

Reducing the Impact of Chemical Education

Project Description: In 2016, our General Chemistry course series underwent an unprecedented redesign. In addition to fully integrating green chemistry learning goals into both the majors and non-majors series, we also made steps toward reducing the environmental impact of the course through lower student preparation volumes, elimination of hazardous chemicals, and using renewable resources where possible.

TGIF Award: $6,000

Resilient Sustainability Community Fellows

Project Description: This Spring, the COVID- 19 global pandemic has radically shifted seniors’ last semesters at UC Berkeley and will most likely affect the career opportunities and job availability after graduation in the sustainability community. This project hopes to provide up to seven (7) post-baccalaureate fellowships.

TGIF Award: $46,893

The Team Writers Program at the Leaflet

Project Description: As the only undergraduate student-run environmental publication in the University of California system, The Leaflet has broadened its mission to cover a wider array of environmental subjects that pertain to both local, regional, and global communities. This funding will allow The Leaflet to financially support its writers and, as a result, benefit both the publication and the Berkeley community.

TGIF Award: $10,102.32

Zero Waste Fellow

Project Description: At UC Berkeley, over a dozen organizations (both departmental and student-led) work on waste-related issues. Until 2019, collaboration and communication among them was minimal and ineffective. The Zero Waste Coalition was established in Fall 2019 to allow for successful collaboration among organizations and to mobilize educational campaigns reaching over 5,000 students. Strong leadership within the zero waste community is vital to its continued progress, and the creation of the Zero Waste Fellow position (similar to Carbon Neutrality or Engagement Fellows) will allow for institutionalized leadership that will continue to build upon and expand zero waste work.

TGIF Award: $11,725.92