2011 Grant Awards

Air Handling Unit Transmitters

Project Description: Pilot program to install differential pressure transmitters on air handling units in eight buildings on campus.

TGIF Award: $21,400

ASUC Green Certification

Project Description: Encouraging and educating student groups about ways their groups can reduce their environmental footprint both on and off-campus.

TGIF Award: $33,100

Bring Your Own Mug (BYOM)

Project Description: Reduce purchase and disposal of single-use coffee cups on campus through the use of a campaign titled “Bring Your Own Mug” (BYOM).

TGIF Award: $10,000

Cal Greeks Energy Competition- Green Cup

Project Description: Use an energy competition as a way to implement small scale retrofits, reinforce sustainable behavior, and gain visibility for sustainable practices within the Greek system.

TGIF Award: $8,740

Campus Bicycle Initiative

Project Description: Educational campaign for increasing bicyling as a mode of transportation and knowledge regarding safe bicycling habits; expansion of BicyCal's services.

TGIF Award: $27,825

Compost Alliance - Bringing Compost to Campus Buildings

Project Description: Design and implementation of campus building composting system.

TGIF Award: $32,000

Custodial Communications 2011-2012

Project Description: Bridge the communication gap between custodial staff and building inhabitants in order to promote sustainability efforts, increase mutual respect/communication, and improve morale of both custodians and building occupants.

TGIF Award: $11,500

Fight the Flow

Project Description: Installation of UZLOW shower valves and educational signs to reduce Unit 3 residents' consumption of water.

TGIF Award: $3,695.78

Installation of Bottle Refill Stations 2011

Project Description: Installation of bottle refill stations in campus buildings.

TGIF Award: $27,000

Low Water Irrigation

Project Description: Install electronic metering and a weather station to conserve water through better management of campus irrigation systems.

TGIF Award: $38,072

Mercury Vapor Detection Equipment

Project Description: Purchase of new technology for detecting mercury during EH&S clean-ups.

TGIF Award: $4,497

Strawberry Creek Restoration Demonstration

Project Description: Continue habitat restoration efforts of Strawberry Creek.

TGIF Award: $5,000

Sustainability Map Project

Project Description: Creation of an interactive web-based campus sustainability map.

TGIF Award: $3,000

Talking Louder About Sustainability, Next Generation

Project Description: The Office is requesting TGIF funds for communication internships both for our current team for next year and the next generation of specialists for next two academic years.

TGIF Award: $6,500

Waste Reduction in the Cal Greeks Community

Project Description: This project aims to reduce the volume of solid waste generated by the Cal Greek community through composting, recycling, and the ReUSE program.

TGIF Award: $15,345