Mini Grant 2020

Planting native milkweed habitat for monarch butterflies

This proposal seeks to plant native California milkweed plants in demonstration plots on Clark Kerr campus as an educational project as part of the Global Environment Theme House (GETH). 

TGIF Award: $500.00


The #OurEnvironmentalism campaign seeks to reclaim the legacies of environmentalism and sustainability for communities of color and challenge the white-dominated, inaccessible narrative of modern environmentalism by sharing personal stories of sustainability, highlighting EJ-focused students and activists of color on Cal’s campus

TGIF Award: $5,000.00

Berkeley Student Farms Seed Library

The seed library will address a foundational barrier of access to the start-up resources necessary for expanding and sustaining the many gardens across campus that help grow food security.

TGIF Award: $3,652.12

“Environmental Pláticas: From School to Our Homes, De La Escuela a Nuestro Hogar”

The Latinxs & the Environment Initiative, in collaboration with other UC Berkeley Latinx/POC organizations, will host bilingual workshops, Environmental Pláticas, that will educate students about current environmental justice issues and sustainability practices. Environmental Pláticas, a new campaign kicking off in Spring 2021, will focus both passing down knowledge about the environment, and celebrating the sustainable practices that Latinx/POC families have been doing for generations.

TGIF Award: $5,000.00

Facilities/Landscape Services Work-study Sustainability Program

This grant offers the opportunity for students to earn a paid position to care for our campus greenspaces, remove litter, and remove invasive plants under the guidance and supervision of Campus Operations manager, and the core team of groundskeepers who care for specific zones of campus.

TGIF Award: $5,000.00

Little Free Library on Clark Kerr Campus

The Free Little Library which will be installed at Clark Kerr Campus where adults and children alike come to walk their dogs or sit and enjoy the sun, hopes to bridge the gap left behind by the closing of public libraries.

TGIF Award: $1,000.00

The Undergraduate Environmental Journal of Berkeley

The Undergraduate Environmental Journal of Berkeley serves as an open and accessible platform to showcase the diverse work of UC Berkeley’s environmental community. 

TGIF Award: $1,747.00

STAR Microbial Fuel Cell

STAR's Microbial Fuel Cell project aims to reduce the carbon footprint and waste produced by our engineering team, and to set a precedent for improving sustainability in all areas - even those such as rocketry which seem, at a first glance, to be the antithesis of sustainability.  

TGIF Award: $310.62

Student Stipends for CACS Working Group

This project aims to increase and center student participation in the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Sustainability (CACS) Working Group on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Sustainability (WGDEIS).

TGIF Award: $3,155.00

The Wildlife Society at UC Berkeley

The Wildlife Society at Berkeley is a student organization created to provide students at UC Berkeley with a community of wildlife enthusiasts.

TGIF Award: $3,725.00