Mini Grant 2017

EH&S Bicycle Program

Project Description: This grant will allow us to purchase new equipment to enhance our fleet bike program and provide incentives, such as helmets, for office staff. Implementation of this project will reduce reliance on office fleet vehicles, and potentially, allow our office to downsize the number of motor vehicles in its fleet.

TGIF Award: $1,450

Environmental Action Network

Project Description: The goal of this project is to create a political action alert platform. The ASUC Eco Senate office will send out customized action alerts to people who have signed up for our political advocacy program. When people sign up, they give us their physical address.

TGIF Award: $400

Herbicide Free Cal

Project Description: The overall goal of this campaign is to greatly reduce/stop the use of carcinogenic herbicides on the UC Berkeley campus. This will be done through a awareness campaign to hopefully inspire public discussion around the hidden dangers of herbicides.

TGIF Award: $500

Latinxs and the Environment Campus Resource Fair

Project Description: Latinxs and the Environment hopes to address pressing issues related to Latinxs and how they are impacted by environmental factors, including but not limited to climate change change, urban and rural pollution, participation in the green labor market, education for Latinos interested in the environment and STEM fields, and water quality and quantity.

TGIF Award: $2,000

Passive Solar Greenhouse

Project Description: This project aims to reduce material inputs, energy costs, and GHG emissions of UC Berkeley’s sustainable food production by constructing a passive solar greenhouse at the UC Gill Tract Community Farm. Constructed out of local, salvaged, or recycled materials, the greenhouse will be used to house the farm’s vegetable starts and provide needed nursery infrastructure on-site.

TGIF Award:$1,981

Reusable Ware for ESPM

Project Description: This TGIF mini grant project will purchase a set of reusable dishes, glasses, and cutlery, so that the events of the department and all affiliated student organizations can stop producing bags of discarded, single-use paper, plastic, and polystyrene. This transition should tangibly affect the culture experienced and shared with all event attendees.  

TGIF Award: $1,944.68

Smyth-Fernwald Soil Testing for Community Engaged Land Usage Planning

Project Description: The grant project will assess the ecological health of the site through soil testing to determine what remediation efforts and soil amendments are needed to ensure safety and soil quality.

TGIF Award: $1,640

Sustainably Remediating UCB Soils

Project Description:Our project will sustainably restore the native ecosystem, reduce waste and air pollution associated with traditional soil remediation practices, and sequester carbon.

TGIF Award: $2,000

UC Mobility Cooperative

Project Description:The goal of the UC Mobility Cooperative is to leverage pre-existing social networks to reduce many of the barriers associated with car sharing, and launch a sharing platform that can provide the same flexibility and convenience as private vehicle ownership with lower cost and carbon footprint.

TGIF Award: $2,000

Video: How Cal Will Achieve Zero Waste by 2020

Project Description: By sharing our campus efforts of waste auditing, pack-in- pack-out programs, building design strategies, and more to solidify Chou Hall’s significance of being a zero waste building, this video will serve to fill the essential gap between our campus zero waste goals and their students’ realization of what it takes to accomplish those goals.

TGIF Award: $2,000