Building Sustainability at Cal

Building Sustainability at Cal

Project Leads: Laura Moreno, Kameron Kitajima, Irene Seliverstov

Sponsor: Vice Chancellor of Facilities Services

TGIF Grant: $25,000

Project Theme: Energy Conservation & Efficiency

Project Location

2008 Application Submission

Project Description: The Building Sustainability @ Cal Program trains and utilizes students to help reduce the environmental footprint of buildings by educating building inhabitants as well as identifying structural and operational changes that can be made within the buildings. Goals were reached through the establishment of two service learning classes and the hiring of student interns.

Goals: Design educational projects, perform waste and energy audits, and design sustainability plans of action for nine campus buildings: LeConte, Birge, University, VLSB, Haas, Stanley, Wurster, Hearst Mining, and Evans. Set baseline measurements with pre-project audits and compare with post-project data provided by PP-CS. Reduce the energy, waste, water, transportation, climate change, and consumption impacts of these nine buildings and their inhabitants. Aim for 3-30% reduction in each building’s water and energy usage. Assist UC Berkeley in attaining goals set by the Cal Climate Action Partnership. Assist staff with assessing buildings for LEED EB certification. Bring together students, faculty, and staff in a unique service-learning environment. Develop class curricula and recruit students for class. Hire student interns for each building.

2009 Project Poster

Final Report