Strawberry Creek Native Plant Nursery & Garden

Project Leads: Sintana Vergara, Ben Runkle, Tim Pine, & Karl Hans

Sponsors: Engineers for a Sustainable World-Berkeley and Office of Environment, Health & Safety

TGIF Grant: $12,865

Project Theme: Habitat Restoration & Native Landscaping

Project Location

2008 Application Submission

Project Description: The project team designed and constructed a native plant nursery and garden between Giannini Hall and Wellman Court in order to support the restoration of Strawberry Creek. The project plans included an outdoor nursery of seedlings, a demonstration garden of native plants, and signage illustrating plant species and nursery education for community members.

Strawberry Creek Website

Goals: Design and construct a native plant nursery and garden. Maintain a seed stock for restoring Strawberry Creek’s riparian zone with native plants. Preserve species endemic to Strawberry Creek and whose existences are threatened by the spread of invasive species. Provide ecosystem services to the campus landscape. Serve as an effective site for environmental education. Support and expand the EH&S Strawberry Creek Management Plan of 1987, which aims to combat pollution and preserve the natural habitat of the creek area. Expand the EH&S volunteer restoration program which will transfer the natives grown in the nursery to Strawberry Creek’s riparian zone. Measure and record the number of species successfully planted both at the garden and near the creek, the number of pollinators frequenting the garden, the area of riparian land converted and restored to native species, and the creek runoff volume and turbidity near replanting sites. Work with academic departments to incorporate the nursery, garden, and restoration program into class lesson plans.