No More Down the Drain

Project Leads: Kate Wees & Erik Scollon

Sponsor: UC Berkeley Art Studio

TGIF Grant: $2,700

Project Theme: Waste Reduction & Diversion

Project Location

2009 Application Submission

Project Description: This project added a sand and sediment interceptor system to the drains in the UC Berkeley ceramic studio. The new system collects both small and large clay and glaze particles that can then be processed, treated, and fired to make recycled clay pottery and tiles.

Goals: Reduce the amount of waste that currently goes down the sink drains at the UC Berkeley Ceramics Studio from 5-10 lbs per week to 0-1 lbs per week. Recycle and process the waste to be used in future pottery and tiles. Protect UC Berkeley plumbing system from being filled with clay and glaze which not only damages the pipe system but pollutes the water. Save $325 annually by recycling the clay and glaze. Share successful methods with other art studios interested in sustainability.

Final Report

Accomplishments Summary