Custodial Staff Outreach 2010-2011

Project Leads: Alison Amberg & Irene Seliverstov

Sponsor: Facilities Services (formerly Physical Plant & Campus Services, or PPCS)

TGIF Grant: $15,000

Project Theme: Education & Behavior Change

Project Location

2010 Application Submission

Project Description: This project established a pilot program in six buildings to increase communication between custodial staff and building inhabitants, leading to more sustainable building practices. The project worked with the custodial staff, building managers, and building inhabitants in California Hall, University Hall, VLSB, Davis Hall, Wurster Hall, and Kroeber Hall. Custodians are often at the forefront of sustainability efforts, assisting with waste diversion goals, practicing green cleaning methods, shutting off lights and running water, and reporting leaks and energy problems within buildings.

Goals: Bridge the Gap between the custodial staff and building inhabitants in order to promote sustainability efforts and communication, as well as address social justice issues. Educate building inhabitants about their building’s custodial staff by posting profiles and pictures of the custodial staff in each building and in newsletters. Expand the use of green cleaning products and the success of building recycling efforts. Host Custodial Staff meet-and-greets so building inhabitants can meet custodial staff members and both sides can share their efforts and requests for making buildings more sustainable. Recognize and appreciate the efforts of the custodial staff with green cleaning awards. Achieve green cleaning credits for LEED EB OM under “Materials and Resources” and “Indoor Air Quality.”

Final Poster

Final Report

Accomplishments Summary