End the Cycle - Sustainable Laundry Campaign

Project Leads: Kimberly Lam & Morwenna Rowe

Sponsors: PowerSave Campus & Residential Student Services Program (RSSP)

TGIF Grant: $3,100

Project Theme: Water Conservation & Efficiency

Project Location

2010 Application Submission

Project Description: PowerSave Campus, a student-run internship program that works to increase campus sustainability by bridging the gap between students and institutional energy costs, created an educational sustainable laundry campaign for students living in UC Berkeley residence halls and Family Student Housing. The Laundry Campaign educated students about how they can reduce their carbon and water footprints by altering their laundry habits.

Goals: Design and post static-cling laundry machine stickers that encourage machine users to use cold water/bright color settings and to air dry clothes when possible. Design and post large educational posters with sustainable laundry tips for laundry room bulletin boards. Conduct pre-and post-implementation laundry surveys of residents to measure any changes in laundry habits. Raffle off cold-water detergent to residents. Assist campus in reaching Cal-CAP goals but encouraging residents to reduce water, electricity, and steam consumption. Outreach to at least 1000 students and have 50% of those currently using hot water settings switch to cold water settings.

Educational outreach will consist of three components:

  1. Laundry Tips Posters in all laundry rooms
  2. Static-Cling Stickers on every washing machine to encourage the cold water setting to save energy.
  3. Tabling in Dining Halls to collect pre- and post-implementation surveys, and publicize the campaign with giveaways and activities.

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Final Report

Accomplishments Summary