Greening Kroeber Art Studios and Bathrooms

Project Leads: Joanna Young & Robert Lewis

Sponsor: Practice of Art Department, Kroeber Hall

TGIF Grant: $5,000

Project Theme: Education & Behavior Change

Project Location

2010 Application Submission

Project Description: This project will design a marketing and education campaign to help occupants of Kroeber Hall, home to the Practice of Art Department, develop sustainability behaviors. The campaign will include the design and posting of monthly educational signage on various sustainability topics, as well as permanent signage reminding occupants to turn out the lights and not put toxic art materials down the drain. Posters and signage will target Kroeber’s art studios and bathrooms.

Goals: Create awareness about water, energy, paper towel usage, and toxics in art materials through stickers, signage, posters, newsletters, blogs, flyers, and other marketing tools. Decrease the amount of waste generated by Kroeber occupants. Decrease the amount of energy and water used by Kroeber occupants. Survey the building to identify the art studios and bathrooms that should be targeted by this project. Install paper towel dispensers where necessary as the stacks just encourage occupants to take more paper towels than needed. Determine where new recycling bins are needed. Determine locations for permanent signage about toxic material disposal, paper towel usage, and energy and water usage. Design monthly posters with topics that include: Campus Sustainability, Purchasing Art Supplies, Water Usage, Energy Usage, Purchasing & reusing Art Supplies, Waste, Transportation, Food & Dining, Summary & Miscellaneous Sustainability. Conduct pre- and post-campaign occupant surveys. Design and launch a Greening Kroeber website where all marketing materials can be viewed and downloaded. Assist UC Berkeley in reaching zero waste by 2020.

Final Poster

Year-End Report 2010-11

Final Report

Accomplishments Summary