Teaching, Learning, and Change (TLC)

Project Leads: Kira Stoll & Lisa McNeilly

Project Interns: Kaya Allen Sugerman, Joanna Young, Vickie Ly, Michelle Lowe, Tonia Beglari, Nicole Campbell, Taylor Zhou

Sponsor: Office of Sustainability

TGIF Grant: $16,650

Project Theme: Education & Behavior Change

Project Location

2010 Application Submission

Project Description: TLC will host a series of training and mentoring experiences for students and staff on a wide variety of sustainability topics, with the intention of building a campus culture of sustainability through career training and development opportunities. These will include job shadowing for student and staff, a student multi-media communications project, staff sustainability training, and three paid student internships within the Office of Sustainability.

Goals: Train up to 100 participants to evaluate and/or implement both infrastructure and behavioral or programmatic improvements related to state-of-the-art sustainability practices. Provide students and staff with opportunities to shadow a sustainability professional in their work. Produce several well-designed and enjoyable video and audio communication pieces that promote campus sustainability. Provide an in-depth training for up to 20 staff in campus sustainability practices and certify these staff as “green employees”. Hire three student interns to fill positions such as “The Research & Special Projects Associate”, “The Climate Action Associate”, and “The Outreach & Event Associate”. Support these student interns as they work on sustainability reports and projects, a ten-source greenhouse gas emissions survey, and event planning of sustainability forums. Assist the campus in reaching the goals set forth by CalCAP, CACS, and UCOP’s Policies on Sustainable Practices. Increase readership of the Office of Sustainability’s Bright Green News.

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