Wurster Hall Electrical Sub-Metering

Project Leads: Eliahu Perszyk

Sponsor: College of Environmental Design

TGIF Grant: $56,000

Project Theme: Energy Conservation & Efficiency

Project Location

2010 Application Submission

Project Description: This project will install sub-metering systems within Wurster Hall so that data from different spaces systems (electricity, water, steam) can be separated out from the whole building data on the UC Berkeley Campus Dashboard. Sub-metering Wurster’s systems will also enable further research into proposing stop/start schedules for equipment, as had already been done successfully with the fans.

Goals: Verify what components can be implemented under the Monitoring Based Commissioning program. Order components, install components, and program the meters. Share data with campus sustainability programs for creating energy schedules and curtailments. Create visualizations of the data to educate the campus community about their consumption patterns and behaviors. Assist UC Berkeley in reducing its greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by 2014. Assist Wurster in reaching LEED EB OM certification by helping to achieve Energy and Atmosphere credits. Post-installation of sub-metering and sharing data, assist Wurster in reaching a 10% reduction in electricity consumption, which could save $7,000/year for campus.

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