Campus Bicycle Initiative

Project Leads: Ginger Jui & Austin Andrews

Sponsors: Campus Bicycle Committee & BicyCAL

TGIF Grant: $27,825 ($10,900 to BicyCAL and $16,925 to Campus Bicycle Committee)
Note: Remaining funds from CBI’s portion of the grant have continued to be used by BicyCAL since September 2012. These are funds are used in the operation of BicyCAL’s shop.

Project Theme: Transportation

Project Location

2011 Application Submission

Project Description: The Campus Bicycle Initiative will promote bicycling as a sustainable mode of transportation and educate the campus about safe bicycling habits through events and bicycling workshops. CBI will also support the expansion of BicyCAL’s mechanical and educational services.

Goals: Increase campus bicycle security awareness by registering more campus bicycles with the CSO bicycle licensing program. Increase and record the number of bicycle repairs at BicyCal’s shop. Hold a series of bicycle safety workshops for students, faculty, and staff. Increase campus bicycle ridership to 450 new riders and reduce transportation emissions of CO2 by 1%. Measure campus bicycling rates through Bike to Work and Bike to Campus Days, self-reporting in upcoming UC Transportation and Housing Surveys, counts of bicycle rack occupancy, and bike repairs at BicyCAL.

Final Poster

Final Report

Accomplishments Summary