Cal Greeks Energy Competition- Green Cup

Project Leads: Charles Dhong, Anton Walker, Sara Seacat, Manon von Kaenel, Kelley Doyle, Patrick Smith, Maia Kapur

Sponsor: PowerSave Campus and Greening the Greeks

TGIF Grant: $8,740

Project Theme: Energy Conservation & Efficiency

Project Location

2011 Application Submission

Project Description: Implement an energy competition between Greek Houses within the Cal Greek Community as a way to complete small scale retrofits and reinforce & promote sustainable behaviors within the Greek system.

Goals: Have 24 Greek Houses with over 1200 students participate in a semester-long energy competition.Implement a pledge that house monetary savings from the energy competition will go to the sustainability chairs’ budgets. Reduce kWh used in houses by 10%. Save 133,490.4 kWh of electricity and avert 37,243.82 kg CO2e and save 110,594 gallons of water and avert 442.38 kg CO2e through CFL exchanges, energy conservation behaviors, shower head retrofits, occupancy sensor installations.

Final Poster

Final Report

Competition Results

CHESC Presentation

Accomplishments Summary