Waste Reduction in the Cal Greeks Community

Project Leads: Kelley Doyle, Becca Mason, & Morgan Fabian

Sponsor: Greening the Greeks

TGIF Grant: $15,345

Project Theme: Waste Reduction

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Status: Complete

Project Description: Greening the Greeks implemented new and expanded existing composting, recycling, and ReUse programs throughout the Cal Greek houses.

Goals: Create a sustainability chair within each Cal sorority and fraternity who will be responsible for reporting house sustainability efforts to Greening the Greeks. Purchase and install recycling and compost bins. Implement recycling and composting systems within 40 participating sororities and fraternities and educate residents on use of the bins. Conduct pre- and post-implementation waste audits of Greek houses. Eliminate 1,606 MTCO2e annually and reduce the waste stream of participating Greek chapters by 20%. Install ReUse stations within houses. Collaborate with the city of Berkeley staff through curb-side pick-up services. By providing waste education, Greek members will contribute to UC Berkeley’s zero waste goals while on campus for classes and activities. Prevent food waste and recyclable materials from entering landfills.

2011-2012 Accomplishments

  • Conducted pre- and post-implementation waste audits
    • Waste Audit Results from Greek Houses, Fall 2011
  • Each participating chapter was surveyed to assess what types of bins (compost, bottle & can, mixed paper) and how many of each type were needed.
    • Bin specs and designs.
    • Bin orders by IFC chapter.
  • After purchasing all lids and bins, Greening the Greeks officers organized a “pick-up” day where all chapter sustainability chairs were required to pick up their bins and educational materials from a designated location within the Greek community.
    • Participating chapters signed a Waste Reduction Contract.
  • Over 300 bins were distributed to 16 fraternities within one afternoon. 12 sororities also received bins.
  • Greening the Greeks further supported campus waste reduction initiatives by purchasing universal signage from Campus Refuse and Recycling Services (CRRS).
  • Greening the Greeks officers conducted waste audits at all participating chapters with sustainability chairs. During these audits, officers consulted chapters about bin set-up and education strategies. Officers were able to provide specific feedback and answer any questions.
  • Greening the Greeks invited representatives from various campus sustainability groups such as ReUse, Little Green Book, STeam, and Green Campus to give educational presentations and  train sustainability chairs.The waste reduction committee created educational “411” fact sheets that explained Berkeley’s recycling procedures and provided contact information to facilitate setting up recycling and/or compost systems in chapters. The committee also created a PowerPoint presentation and hosted a mandatory meeting for all participating sustainability chairs.

  • Reusable shopping bags, re-use and free-pile stations have all been bought and distributed to the houses.
  • Installed the campus standard waste signage, designed by Campus Recycling & Refuse Services, each each waste station.
  • Compiled educational documents for each house that received bins to voice to their house. Documents were given to the chapter sustainability chairs during bin distribution to be shared with house resident.

Before Install

  • Trash
  • Compost
  • Paper
  • Cans

After Install

  • Trash
  • Compost
  • Mixed Paper
  • Cans & Bottles