Green Garden Intern at UC Botanical Garden

Project Leads: Chris Carmichael, Anthony Garza

Sponsor: UC Botanical Garden

TGIF Grant: $3,840

Project Theme: Habitat Restoration

Project Location

2012 Application Submission

Project Description: This grant will fund a student intern to take a lead in the Integrated Pest Management program and to work with horticultural staff and the compost tea intern to refine and define UCBG’s organic fertility regimens. This project is to broaden the scope of the original Compost Tea project.

Goals: Intern will 1) Develop a knowledge-base to become adept at monitoring for pests, diseases, and other biotic and abiotic problems in our plant collection; 2) Learn to translate field observations into recommended remedial actions or management plans; 3) In consultation with Garden Staff, develop and implement specific Integrated Pest Management interventions and protocols; 4) Disseminate knowledge and information about this methodology, including developing trainings for IB 112 and DeCal students, making information available to PP-CS Grounds Operation staff and staff from the Blake Estate, and creating public programs to be offered through the UCBG. Other goals include inoculating soils with beneficial microorganisms, releasing and monitoring beneficial insects for control of various pests and diseases, and experimenting with organic fertility regimens (compost, manure, fish and plant meals) in relation to specific UCBG plantings.