Learning and LEEDing at Cal

Project Leads: Judy Chess, Tatyana Vaschenko

Learn and LEED interns: Priscilla Chan, Rosanna Ren, Stacey Naglestad

Sponsor: Building Sustainability at Cal

TGIF Grant: $14,800

Project Theme: Energy Conservation & Efficiency

Project Location

2012 Application Submission

Status: In Progress

Project Description: This grant will fund three student interns and the expansion of the Building Sustainability at Cal LEED® Intern Program to offer project LEED® certification services for campus renovation projects currently below the threshold required by the campus Policy on Sustainable Practices.

Goals: Expand the Building Sustainability @ Cal program to provide LEED® documentation services such that the student interns would become integral parts of the project team, and plan a more major role in managing the documentation process. Develop a permanent project recharge model for these services, allowing the campus to retain resources rather than hire outside consultants. Interns will be assigned to work on specific campus renovation projects, documenting green building credits, especially on projects that would not normally be expected to document their green building practices. Interns will receive professional-level development and accreditation as LEED® professionals.

Project Context
The UC Policy on Sustainable Practices requires LEED certification for all new buildings and major renovations greater than $5M in cost. However, the policy offers limited direction for smaller projects, does not require formal certification, and does not apply to renovation projects, even though a substantial amount of change in the built environment occurs at this level. The Building Sustainability @ Cal Intern Team offers green building certification services for campus building projects. Students use LEED to support consultants managing LEED certification.