Minimizing Hazardous Waste through Chemical Exchange

Project Leads: Kelley Etherington, Pat Goff, Karen Ko

Sponsor: Environment, Health & Safety

TGIF Grant:

Project Theme: Waste Reduction

Project Location

2012 Application Submission

Chemical Exchange Website:

Status: Complete ($1,715 in remaining funds returned to TGIF for reallocation)

Project Description: This grant will fund a student intern charged with creating an online chemical exchange program to reduce the quantity of chemicals purchased by UC Berkeley, reduce the amount of hazardous materials in storage, and reduce hazardous waste disposal and associated costs.

Goals: Select, photograph, and store chemicals for reuse. Research other chemical reuse programs and ideas. Identify which chemicals are in the most demand and by whom; set up an email alert system when something comes in that the labs use. Redesign web interface on CHEX home page. Advertise free chemicals on BearBuy. Modify EH&S databases to make it easier for clients to post items available for reuse. Reduce hazardous waste generation which will reduce the amount of fuel it takes to ship the chemicals and hazardous wastes to and from campus, assisting UC Berkeley with its greenhouse gas emissions reduction goal. Advertise new system to UC Berkeley departments and labs.