Nature Village Sustainable Family Living, Phase I

Project Leads: Lludmila Moran, Tavie Tipton

Sponsor: The University Village Office

Nature Village Website

TGIF Grant: $16,861

Project Theme: Education & Behavior Change

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2012 Application Submission

Nature Village is a multidisciplinary group of University Village resident volunteers and campus sustainability students, staff and organizations working towards the goal of building a sustainable community at the University Village at UC Berkeley. Nature Village grows, supports, and inspires sustainable living by:

  • Promoting sustainable living through education and outreach.
  • Increasing awareness of protecting the environment, saving the energy, improving waste management, and reducing carbon footprint.
  • ProvidingBerkeley Environmental Alumni Network (BEAN) Speed Networking Event, February 26, 6pm-8pm guidance and resources on sustainable living best practices.
  • Creating unique green living environment that is suitable to our multicultural community.
  • Collaborating with campus groups and departments to implement new operations, programs, and initiatives that realize sustainability metrics.

Project Description: This grant will fund supplies and student internships to create waste, energy & water, and education & outreach programs at University Village, to promote sustainability and resource conservation among the residents.

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Final Report

Note: Nature Village Phase II Grant Project