Campus Tree Inventory

Campus Tree Inventory

Project Leads: Katherine Walsh, Jim Horner, Theron Klos, Phil Cody, Lorraine Freeland

Sponsor: The Green Initiative Fund, Capital Projects, Grounds Services

TGIF Grant: $20,288.30

Project Theme: Habitat Restoration

Application Submission

Project Description: This project will inventory the main campus trees for the purpose of creating a tree database system for campus maintenance and applying for tree campus USA status. The project will be staffed by paid UC Berkeley students and supervised by joint efforts from Facilities Services and The Green Initiative Fund.

Goals: Implement a tree management database for campus; a database is needed for maintenance and tree care, long-term planning, and annual budgeting. There is also no comprehensive online campus tree resource for the public. The inventory will collect all missing tree data points, develop a management system, and create an online public guide and tree map.