Hearst North Field Soil Restoration

Hearst North Field Soil Restoration

Project Lead: James Sanner

Sponsor: Recreational Sports Facility

Project Theme: Habitat Restoration

TGIF Grant: $32,000

Project Location

Application Submission

Project Description: The field at Hearst North is a centrally located open turf field which is in near constant use for academic, recreational, and extracurricular activities. Because of this high usage, the field’s soil and plant surface is placed under a great deal of stress. Turf management has traditionally fortified the field to deal with this stress through the regular application of synthetic fertilizers and herbicides. These practices have been used to artificially support the condition and appearance of the turf while the health of the underlying soil has in turn suffered. The grounds managers intend to conduct soil analysis, implement irrigation practices, and instill organic methods to restore the surface of the field.

Project Goals: This grant hopes to reduce the need for the field to be artificially propped up through the use of synthetic products, and will instead directly address the health of the soil through organic solutions such as compost and compost tea applications, seeding, and aerification. These solutions will ultimately bring about a sustainably healthy playing surface.

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