Nature Village Sustainable Family Living, Phase II

Nature Village Sustainable Family Living, Phase II

Project Lead: Mila Moran, Tavie Tipton

Sponsor: Nature Village

TGIF Grant: $18,840

Project Theme: Education and Behavior Change

Project Location

Application Submission

Project Description: Nature Village Phase II will build upon the 2012 TGIF Nature Village Grant Project by implementing a sharing campaign, a hazardous and electronic waste program, expanding the Green Family Program, and shooting a 3 minute Nature Village video

Project Goals: 

  • Reduce the Environmental Impact of the University Village.
  • Improve the knowledge and lifestyle practices of residents in relation to resource management, including water, energy, natural gas, and solid waste.
  • Create a stronger sense of community and life experience at University Village through an active participation in environmental programs and activities.
  • Open a new opportunity of Experiential Environmental Education for children and families.

Final Report