Pedaling Towards Zero Waste

Pedaling Towards Zero Waste

Project Leads: Claire Porter, Nick Cash, Thomas Roccanova, Areya Behrouzian

Sponsor: ReUSE

TGIF Grant: $7,994.80

Project Theme: Waste Reduction

Project Location

Application Submission

Project Description: Pedaling Towards Zero Waste will purchase a hybrid human-electric powered Truck Trike to be used by ReUSE, CRRS, and other licensed and trained campus individuals for transportation of reusable materials or during sustainability related projects.

Project Goals: The overall goal of Pedaling Toward Zero Waste with the Truck Trike is to reduce both the environmental and monetary cost of making UC Berkeley a zero-waste campus by 2020. In line with UC Berkeley’s sustainability goals for transportation, energy, climate, and waste. ReUSE is looking to minimize its transportation footprint by utilizing the hybrid human-electric powered Truck Trike instead of campus fleet vehicles. The Truck Trike is an environmentally sound towing vehicle with a modified and customizable rear bed for towing heavy loads, and it would reduce UC Berkeley’s carbon footprint while simultaneously diverting material from the campus waste stream.

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