Lab Microscope Retrofits

Lab Microscope Retrofits

Project Leads: Grace Vasiknanonte, Michael Liu

Sponsor: PowerSave Campus

TGIF Grant: $25,200

Project Theme: Energy Efficiency and Conservation

Project Location: Molecular Imaging Center

Application Submission 

Project Description: This project aims to alleviate a large part of the inefficiencies in research-grade microscopes powered by metal halide lamps by replacing them with thermally stable and efficient Light Emitting Diode (LED) lamps.

Project Goals:

  1. Retrofit microscopes in the Molecular Imaging Center from inefficient and environmentally-hazardous light lamps to energy efficient and long-term use LED lamps.
  2. Establish metrics for the microscopes’ energy savings by recording time and duration of microscope usage
  3. Encourage behavioral change to conserve energy through outreach and awareness media
  4. Increase awareness of metal halide lamp alternatives to other microscope centers and laboratories on the UC Berkeley campus.
  5. Encourage other research units to adopt similar energy-saving initiatives independent of the initial TGIF grant.
  6. Find time to measure actual power draw from equipment to calculate metrics.

Final Report

Final Poster