South Hall Energy Efficiency

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Project Leads: Daniel Angell, Eric Parsonnet

Sponsor: Berkeley Energy and Resources Collaborative

TGIF Grant: $12,400

Project Theme: Energy Efficiency and Conservation

Project Location

Application Submission

Project Description: In order to reduce the energy consumption of South Hall, we are monitoring and controlling plug loads. Plug loads are things you plug into outlets, like printers or computers, not things like lights. We are using smart plug technology to catalog the energy consumed from 60 outlets around the building. With the data we plan to develop solutions for energy efficiency. These will include education and outreach in South Hall, suggested behavioral changes on specific loads (don’t leave a projector on when not in use), and potentially scheduled times during which loads will be turned off automatically.

Project Goals: 

  1. Reduce energy consumption in South Hall
  2. Promoting awareness of energy use, by teaching people how to monitor their energy use, and about the sources of the inefficiencies
  3. Expand to other buildings on campus.
  4. Understand and explore the effectiveness of energy efficiency projects focused on individuals and implemented with a “boots on the ground” type of approach

Final Report

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