Greener UC Berkeley Fleet

Greener UC Berkeley Fleet

Project Leads: Lauren Bennett, Dominique Meroux

Sponsor: Parking and Transportation Department

TGIF Grant: $14,410

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Project Description: Greener UC Berkeley Fleet will establish a pilot carsharing program for campus fleet vehicles within Residential and Student Service Programs (RSSP). Results of this pilot initiative will be used to evaluate potential for more widespread implementation of carsharing technology in U.C. Berkeley’s vehicle fleet. Additionally, two electric bicycles will allow employees (including student employees) to take short trips to campus by bicycle rather than with a fleet vehicle.

Project Goals: Carsharing and electric bicycles will reduce the number of fleet vehicles needed for operations and increase utilization of remaining vehicles. This will have a land use benefit with fleet vehicles consequently take up fewer parking spaces. In addition, higher use of a smaller number of vehicles will result in a fleet that will have newer model vehicles which achieve better fuel economy and meet the most current emissions standards. A longer term benefit will be that higher mileage driven per vehicle increases financial viability of hybrid and alternative fuel powertrains for integration in UC Berkeley’s fleet as future new vehicle purchases.

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