Pedal Power Bike Share

Pedal Power Bike Share

Project Leads: Simitha Singh-Rambiritch & Caitriona Smyth

Sponsor: Nature Village

TGIF Grant: $12,895.95

Project Theme: Transportation & Urban Development

Application Submission

Project Description: Pedal Power Bike Share aims to bolster sustainable living and provide affordable bike opportunities to University Village (UV) residents. UV is located in Albany, three miles from the UC Berkeley campus. Students rely on cars, buses, personal bicycles and walking to get to their classes, to work, and to perform household chores. By providing residents with affordable access to bikes and organizing events around this new sustainable transportation option, Pedal Power Bike Share will create community around health and environmental education.

Project Goals: 

  1. Reduce UV’s carbon footprint from travel and decrease fossil fuel dependency by increasing access to alternative transportation opportunities.
  2. Provide affordable travel options to University Village residents.
  3. Build community by bolstering access to healthy, outdoor leisure, available to entire UV families.
  4. Educate residents about biking, including safety measures, as well as health and environmental benefits.