Way to Go! Social Marketing Alternative Transportation Program

Way to Go! Social Marketing Alternative Transportation Program

Project Lead: Natalie Nava

Project Sponsor: Parking and Transportation

TGIF Grant: $14,500

Project Theme: Education and Behavioral Change

Application Submission

Project Goals: To shift travel behavior by 1% through increased marketing by two student interns; to create opportunities for two student interns to learn social marketing for a behavior change program.

Project Description: The Social Marketing Program aims to brand Cal’s alternative transportation programs and reward people by creating fun opportunities through events and a commuter club. Social marketing experts state that changing people’s travel behavior to alternative modes requires regular marketing to target audiences that make the desired behavior (ie. riding a bike or carpooling with a fellow graduate student) fun, popular, and easy. By branding the current Parking & Transportation program under one name, addressing gaps in knowledge through new technology, and conducting both online and in-person outreach, the project’s aim is to shift the current Single Occupancy Vehicle (SOV) rate (ie.“drive alone” rate) from 42% to 41%. Parking & Transportation will be investing in various programs that address gaps in information, and will utilize TGIF grant funds to support this investment through online and offline marketing lead by two student marketing interns.

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