Reducing BearWALK Wait Times and Fuel Emissions

Reducing BearWALK Wait Times and Fuel Emissions

Project Leads: Wade MacAdam

Project Sponsor: UCPD Business Services United, ASUC Senator Filart, GA President Hazelwood-Carter, GA-CAVP Vivid

TGIF Grant: $2,190

Project Theme: Transportation and Urban Development

Application Submission

Project Description: Working with ASUC and the Graduate Assembly, UCPD collaborated to enhance BearWALK on the three free campus Night Safety Services. Since BearWALK is a walking service where UCPD student officers walk in between escort requests, feedback showed that clients wanted a reduced wait time. When BearWALK staffing was low (due to employees being a student first and an employee second), UCPD allowed the use of a patrol vehicle. As a way to reduce BearWALK wait times and fuel emissions, the idea of an electric bicycle was proposed so that the BearWALK employee could travel in between escorts faster than on foot (especially from CKC back to Moffitt Library).The TGIF funds will cover the cost of two electric bicycles to be utilized by the UCPD student employees (Community Service Officers or CSO’s) that operate BearWALK.

Project Goals:

  1. Provide a quicker mode of transportation over foot to reduce wait times
  2. Reduce fuel consumption and BearWalk emissions

Final Report

Final Poster