Berkeley Moves! Targeted Marketing Program

Berkeley Moves! Targeted Marketing Program

Project Leads: Dave Sorrell and Liliana Trujillo

Project Sponsor: Parking and Transportation

TGIF Grant: $12,250

Project Theme: Transportation and Urban Development

Application Submission

Project Description: Recently, UC Berkeley has received a gold-medal in bicycle-friendly universities by The League of American Bicyclists and ranked #4 in the country for most transit-friendly colleges by TransitScreen. Based on the increase of transit programs, technologies, and infrastructure, it is important for the students at UC Berkeley to rely on other forms of transportation (meaning very few cars are allowed on campus) as well as the value of transit as a sustainable, congestion and pollution mitigation program. Additionally, P&T launched a RideShare matching website for the students at Cal to connect with the rest of the UC Berkeley Community to carpool to campus, home, or on vacation. UC Berkeley’s Parking and Transportation plans to address educating and outreach to the students on campus by providing funding for a transportation handbook and a monthly TEDtransit talks to further develop an interest in transit, advocate for advancements for transit after-college, and to support future efforts on campus.

Project Goals: The goals of the project are to increase the users of our Ridematching platform and to educate the students about the advantages of alternative transit (during and after their stay at Cal). Funding will support the launch of a transportation handbook which lays out the various transit options on campus and restrictions of student parking permits. Increasing awareness and education here at Cal will have a long-lasting (hopefully positive) effect on students to choose alternative transit for their commute needs.