Building Sustainability at Cal (BS@C)

Building Sustainability at Cal (BS@C)

Project Leads: Tony Hall, Claire Parkinson, Nonnie Coelho, Jacqueline Tooley

Project Sponsor: Student Environmental Resource Center (SERC)

TGIF Grant: $14,015

Project Theme: Transportation and Urban Development

Application Submission

Project Description: The Building Sustainability at Cal (BS@C) Program trains and utilizes students to help reduce the environmental impact of campus buildings by identifying structural and operational changes that can be made to buildings, as well as designing and implementing educational projects. This is accomplished by hiring student interns and working on case by case outreach and auditing projects. BS@C interns cooperate with building and project managers, assisting on LEED© (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) credit documentations and other audits. In addition, we provide a framework for recognition of smaller-scale green construction projects known as the Green Paw Certification, developed by a group of BS@C interns in collaboration with professionals in the field.

Project Goals:

  1. Expand the Green Paw Certification into a UC-wide recognition process for small-scale green construction projects
  2. Increase campus understanding of green building practices through the development of a Green Building Decal and serving as a point of contact for Green Building resources and opportunities for students
  3. Encourage and recognize sustainable choices in the design and construction of campus building projects of all sizes