Clark Kerr Rain Garden

Clark Kerr Rain Garden

Project Leads: Hallie McManus

Project Sponsor: Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW)

TGIF Grant: $3,386.88

Project Theme: Water Conservation

Application Submission

Project Description: Our focus will be on the Building 2 Courtyard at the Clark Kerr Campus. Currently, because of poor landscaping and irrigation, water is constantly flooding directly into the entrance of the building and off into the street. Recently, an orchard was planted in the courtyard; however, when it rains, the water flows directly down the side of the building to the door, rather than to the newly planted trees. It is vital that this area be modified, not only for functionality, but for sustainability purposes as well.

Project Goals:

  1. Reduce flooding in the entrance to building 2 of Clark Kerr
  2. Reduce runoff from impervious surfaces
  3. Improve water quality in surrounding bodies of water
  4. Educate residents of the Clark Kerr Campus on pertinent water quality issues on their campus.