Waste Diversion in University Village

Waste Diversion in University Village

Project Lead: Elissa Sato

Project Sponsor: University Village

TGIF Grant: $29,997

Project Theme: Waste Diversion and Reduction

Application Submission

Project Description: University Village will remedy the mismatch in messaging around the Zero Waste goal and public waste infrastructure by using TGIF funds to replace single-bin trash cans in the Village’s public spaces with three-compartment Max-R bins. These bins, which have prominent visual signage for each compartment and thus have high collective visual impact, will serve as a launch point for renewed and sustained educational outreach to improve waste separation and diversion.

Project Goals:

  1. Achieve compliance with the campus Zero Waste system by phasing out single-bin trash cans and deploying compartmentalized Max-R bins
  2. Promote waste diversion by providing proper standardized bin infrastructure with clear signage on centralized public collection bins
  3. Enact a sustainable recurring waste diversion outreach and education program specifically tailored for the Village’s unique multifamily dwelling context in a residential education setting to systematically combat awareness erosion due to turnover and attrition