Cal Sustainable Solutions Competition Team

Cal Sustainable Solutions Competition Team

Project Leads: Karilin Yiu and Samantha Good

Sponsor: LEAD Center

TGIF Grant: $7,168.22

Project Theme: Education, Outreach, and Behavior Change

2020 Application

Project Description: Cal Sustainable Solutions Competition Team was established in February 2019 as an opportunity for students to design and fabricate structures under real world scenarios facing the built environment. This intercollegiate competition team follows the annual American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Sustainable Solutions Problem Statement to teach and apply principles of structural and construction engineering with sustainability as the main priority for resilient projects. This team provides equal opportunity for students to gain practical experiences in structural and sustainable design, construction, aesthetics, cost analysis, safety, project management, leadership, and teamwork. The team develops leaders with primary focus in the Architecture Engineering Construction (AEC) industry to serve the public good. Cal Sustainable Solutions fosters sustainable projects and knowledge individuals on renewable energy intertwined in the built environment.

Goals: 1) Address sustainable building practices on and off campus through real application of design and construction of structure directly impacting local communities and hypothetical disaster scenarios.

2) Embrace holistic sustainable thinking through Economic Input- Output Life Cycle Assessment to visualize project life cycle from cradle to grave.

3) Improve outreach of student participation beyond Dept. of Civil Engineering towards the entire student body for equal opportunity in success.