BerkeleyMoves! Parking & Transportation Program and Data Evaluation Intern

BerkeleyMoves! Parking & Transportation Program and Data Evaluation Intern

TGIF Award: $13,445.00

Project Theme: Sustainable Transportation

Project Sponsor: Parking & Transportation

Project Description:

The UC Berkeley Parking and Transportation Department (P&T) has provided resources and programs for students, staff, and faculty traveling between home, campus, and beyond. Berkeley Moves, The Alternative Transportation Unit supports the programs and efforts between P&T’s partners, both public and private industry, to provide a multimodal, equitable, safe and sustainable campus. The TDM unit has successfully revised and executed a 2018 micro revision of the TDM Strategic Plan in addressing the mobility needs of the campus community such as equitable programs and tools, partnerships to address local, regional, and statewide mobility; and in March 2021, the department added electric vehicle chargers inside of the Recreational Sports Facility.

The department, with this project, seeks with taking data from the charging stations, ridership data, and other data reporting aspects of the TDM unit to provide numerical, financial, and qualitative data between transportation and parking and sustainability; as well as reporting the findings as a way to address how Berkeley Moves can be able to evolve the Transportation Demand Management program beyond the return to campus in 2022.

Project Goals:

  • provide reporting and program evaluation of the existing TDM programs
  • Researching and Reporting on transportation and sustainability concepts: Pricing and comparison of TDM Programs between UC Berkeley and other Statewide Universities.
  • Optional Carbon offsetting or TDM program fees to assist with further development of the Long Range Development Plan
  • Journey Mapping: identifying the correlation of students who commute to campus and leveraging the results for more proactive transportation programs amongst regional partners: Seamless Bay Area, BART, AC Transit, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission
  • Find out ways that the Department can find sources of funding to help provide and expand transportation programs.

Project Leader: David Sorrell, TDM-CP Parking and Transportation

2021 TGIF Spring Application