TGIF Grant: $54,300.00

Project Theme: Environmental Justice, Environmental Education

Project Sponsor: Students of Color Environmental Collective (SCEC) RSO

Project Description:

Environmental Justice at Cal has always been advanced by students before being adopted by the institution. Circularity Community aims to increase student power and give them a strong platform to share their knowledge and narratives. It serves three distinct purposes:

One: to create a mobile community hub for environmental justice education and organizing.

Two: to curate a platform for marginalized students to share personal environmental stories in order to diversify Cal’s greater environmental narrative.

Three: to share resources and create opportunities for wellness and reflection to battle eco-anxiety and burnout prevalent within Berkeley’s environmental community.

Project Goals: To create both online and physical resources for students to better understand and take action on environmental justice issues. These resources will mainly be in the format of a community-based app, a website curated by UC Berkeley students, and resource guides with themed challenges and reflections.

Project Leaders: Kiana Kazemi and Sarah Naameh

2021 TGIF Spring Application