Latinxs In Their Element

Latinxs In Their Element

TGIF Award: $25,000.00

Project Theme: Environmental Education, Environmental Justice

Project Sponsor: Chicanx Latinx Student Development Center

Project Description:
Latinxs in their Element will be a project funding eight (8) student fellows to conduct environmental research projects during the academic year. This project was created with the intention of supporting students as they explore the field of environmental sciences and guiding them in doing research on a specific element they are interested in. We will be hosting a series of workshops in order for research fellows to gain  an understanding of the elements prior to conducting their own research. Latinxs and the Environment has the intention of offering students this unique opportunity to explore their passions while allowing them to gain real research experience.

Project Goals:

Our goal for this project is to introduce Latinx/POC undergraduate students to different fields of study, framed around the four elements: air, water, soil, and fire – and the impacts of these on the Latinx/POC community and our environment (ie. wildfires, agriculture, water access, etc.). Our project will provide multiple opportunities for Latinx/POC undergraduate students to engage with community and campus partners and ultimately conduct research on an environmental issue pertaining to one of the four elements.

Project Leaders: Leslie Alfonso, Gianella Renteria

2021 TGIF Spring Application