Summer Agroecology and Sustainability Program at Berkeley Student Farms

Summer Agroecology and Sustainability Program at Berkeley Student Farms

TGIF Award: $23,232.00

Project Theme: Food Justice

Project Sponsor: Student Organic Garden Association (SOGA) RSO

Project Description: This project seeks to maintain the functionality of Berkeley Student Farms during the upcoming summer, when volunteer will numbers likely fall drastically, and offer 5 paid positions for Agroecology Garden Managers. These managers will continue the essential farm work needed to maintain critical garden operations, including growing organic produce, leading student volunteers, coordinating food donations, and maintaining our compost systems, as well as renovating our greenhouse to support increased farm functionality. Beyond maintaining the gardens, this project will give students the hands-on opportunity to learn about sustainability, urban farming, and agroecology.

Project Goals:
1) Maintain essential garden and farm operations over the summer to continue providing food for the Basic Needs Pantry and other community partners, including by renovating the BSF greenhouse.
2) Foster and expand the Berkeley Student Farms community, both in-person and virtually.
3) Provide paid hands-on, experiential learning opportunities for managers and student volunteers who are interested in agroecology and sustainable farming
Project Leaders: Emily Culling & Alison Savage