Berkeley Student Native Plant Nursery

Berkeley Student Native Plant Nursery

Project Leader: Acelia Larios

Sponsor: Students of Color Environmental Collective

Project Theme: Habitat Restoration

2021 Application Submission

Project Description:

This project will promote restorative environmental justice by helping to strengthen networks between students and community leaders currently working on grassroots climate resilience and habitat restoration projects.  This project will address two challenges community-based greening collaboratives often face:

  1. High overhead cost for purchasing live California native plants, seeds, and associated growing equipment

  2. Low number of readily accessible planning and support networks for DIY green infrastructure projects

This project will establish a student-run native plant nursery to supply local projects and will also serve as a hub for events where community members and students can workshop existing project needs.

Project Goals:

The overall goal of this project is to catalyze student and community led restorative climate resilience projects by:

(1) providing low-cost, affordable native Californian seeds and plants

(2) Hosting educational workshops addressing

  • responsible seed harvesting

  • seed propagation

  • native plant identification

  • plant care

  • project planning