UC Berkeley COP 27 Delegation

UC Berkeley COP 27 Delegation

Grant Amount: $19,640

Project Theme: Education & Behavior Change

Project Sponsor: Student Environmental Resource Center

Project Description:

The COP 27 is an annual conference held to discuss the catastrophic effects of climate change and ensure all countries are adhering to their targets of keeping the rise in global temperature to 1.5C. COP 27 will be held in Egypt and aligns with the goal of keeping the climate conference in Africa, which is home to many people most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. This COP is critical as the topic of discussion revolves around addressing the disproportionate impact on developing countries. Therefore, the principles of environmental justice are hopefully finally going to be weaved into the international discussion. SERC plans to send a delegation of undergraduate and graduate students to attend the COP 27.

Project Goals:

We hope that attending the conference will provide students with an immersive learning opportunity on climate negotiations, policy, activism, and the devastating impacts of climate change on developing countries, while keeping equity and environmental justice at the forefront of discussions.


Project Leaders: Khyati Garg

Spring 2022 Final Application