UC Berkeley Green Labs Program Research Community Trainings

UC Berkeley Green Labs Program Research Community Trainings

Grant Amount: $6,550

Project Theme: Waste Diversion & Reduction, Education & Behavior Change

Project Sponsor: Office of Environment, Health, & Safety

Project Description:

The UC Berkeley Green Labs Program was created by the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Sustainability (CACS) with the goal to incorporate the use of water reduction, waste elimination and energy saving technology, along with actions and procurement strategies for researchers, instructors, and lab spaces. The Green Labs Program hopes to provide the research community with access to the My Green Lab Accredited Professionals Modules online. After training is complete, the Green Labs program will hire a student intern to host discussions to review and summarize these findings in the form of a deliverable to share with other labs. The project aims to standardize the procedures for making sustainability recommendations across all labs.

Project Goals:

1) Organize events to review the training modules and discuss how they can be applied to research and teaching spaces at UC Berkeley

2) Hire a student intern to manage the project and create informational graphics about the discussion group findings

3) Monitor the improvement of lab sustainability practices with pre-training and post-training lab waste audits

Project Leaders: Nicole Catangay

Spring 2022 Final Application