Eco Community Development Department

Eco Community Development Department

Project Leads: Bea Cundiff, Britney Wu

Sponsor: ASUC Eco-Office

Project Theme: Education, Outreach, & Behavior Change

2022 Application Submission

Project Description:

Funding supports the operations and events of the Mentorship Program and Coalition Building.

The Mentorship Program seeks to connect upperclassmen with new students in the
eco-community (primarily freshmen and transfers) using similar interests. The Development Department will hold events for communication, allowing for new students to form networks and a support system within the community. By matching the participants to those with similar interests/majors, the Development Department aims to create a strong mentor-mentee relationship that can help the mentee form career goals to guide their time here at Cal.

Coalition Building will be implemented through collaboration with other
organizations on campus, not necessarily those belonging to the environmental community. In doing this, the Development Department aims to form connections with other organizations, naturally integrating ideas such as sustainability and climate justice into joint events such as informative speaker panels, workshops, and wellness events.

Goals of Project

The overall goal of the Eco-Community Development Department of the ASUC Eco Office is to promote involvement in the Eco-Community and retainment of current members. Other goals include:

  1. Expanding sustainability concepts to organizations not rooted in the eco-community.
  2. Reaching out to identity based groups that don’t necessarily have a space based on their
    intersection with the environment.
  3. Organizing a speaker panel and providing a community to uplift voices not necessarily
    heard in the eco-community and to provide a space to create connections between groups that might not otherwise meet on campus.