SURG Redwood Restoration Project

SURG Redwood Restoration Project

Project Lead: Bea Cundiff

Sponsor: Science Diversity Group (SDG) Undergraduate Research Group

Project Theme: Habitat Restoration; Education, Outreach, & Behavior Change

2022 Application Submission

Project Description:

This project received funding to enable 14 undergraduate student researchers to take trips to 2 different sites in Point Reyes to gain experience using Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) technologies and experience field work under the guidance of more senior researchers. With the GIS technology, students will study the distribution of redwood trees. Student researchers were also exposed to Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) principles and asked to reflect on how their current land management and ecological knowledge differs from that of indigenous communities.

Goals of Project:

  1. Provide undergraduate students with an opportunity to experience field work, including work with GIS technologies and TEK.
  2. Share research findings at SURG symposiums and in a final research paper.
  3. Study redwood trees and their ecological importance.