Break the Mode, Phase II

Break the Mode, Phase II

Project Leads: William Riggs, Jessica Kuo, Jennifer McDougall

Project Sponsor: Capital Projects, Physical & Environmental Planning, Parking & Transportation

TGIF Grant: $1,800

Project Theme: Transportation

Application Submission

Project Description: Break the Mode Phase II will encourage car users to give up their parking permits for other modes of transportation. The program evolved from Phase I which focused on offering custom trip planning for individuals willing to switch transportation modes (a “soft sell”) to exploring a harder sell that University Hall parking garage is being demolished and therefore individuals must explore options.

Project Goals: This project will build upon the 2012 TGIF Grant Break the Mode and pursue additional forms of outreach to faculty parkers and follow suit with the project’s original goals: providing UC Berkeley commuters the information, tools, and encouragement needed to make a transportation mode shift; and to provide a replicable process for doing this type of marketing and outreach throughout the campus.