Campus Sustainability Photos and Video for UC Berkeley’s Public Affairs Digital Gallery

Campus Sustainability Photos and Video for UC Berkeley's Public Affairs Digital Gallery

Project Leads: Rachel Balmy, Nik Crain, Kira Stoll

Project Sponsor: Office of Sustainability

TGIF Grant: $1,000

Project Theme: Education and Behavior Change

Application Submission

Project Description: The primary objective of this project is to create and make available photographs and video clips of campus sustainability initiatives, actions, and features that can be publicly accessed through UC Berkeley’s Digital Gallery, launched by the Office of Public Affairs.

“The UC Berkeley Digital Gallery allows users on and off campus to find and share digital assets in many formats. While its primary use is for still images, it also can organize videos, audio files, desktop publishing and office suite files, and a variety of other multimedia forms….Any visitor can use the UC Berkeley Digital Gallery to find images and other files from across campus.”

Project Goals: 

  1. Help ensure that campus sustainability imagery is comprehensive and creatively represented in the digital gallery.
  2. Fill a need: UC Berkeley has a diverse and active community engaging in many aspects of sustainability. However, visual representation, specifically photographs and video footage, of all this exceptional work is often not available or not readily accessible.
  3. Create at minimum 30 new high-quality still images and up to 10 new video-clips which will showcase the breadth and depth of campus sustainability in action. The images will be made available in the UC Berkeley Public Affairs digital gallery for the campus community and public to view and use for noncommercial purposes. We aim to make sustainability an integral part of the new Public Affairs digital gallery.
  4. Synthesize the selected images and footage into one, short finished multi-media piece that can be posted on the Office of Sustainability’s website/youtube-account and can be screened at events and used by others for promotion.

Final Report

Final Poster